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Logistical aspects

The Program makes a central point of promoting knowledge and practice sharing between students themselves, especially when they come from different industrial sectors.

Where ?

The training sessions will majoritarily happen on the University of Namur and Form@Nam facilities located in Namur.

When ?

Program opening date to come.

The courses will follow an evening schedule (starting after 16:00, and rarely ending after 21:00) to accomodate with work schedules.
For logistic reasons, some courses are delivered on blocks of consecutive days at regular working hours (from 08:30 to 17:30).

Who ?

The training offers a holistic approach of the application of Software Certification standards, and the program was originally built *with* the industrial, *for* the industrial needs. The courses involve

  • Professors from the various Walloon universities, capitalising on the expertise of all the research teams relevant for the Certification activities;
  • Industrials involved in Certification programs, bringing their industrial experience and practical expertise.

The University of Namur coordinates the didactic and administrative aspects of the Executive Master, with Moussa Amrani and Prof. Pierre-Yves Schobbens (UNamur) and Caroline Artoisenet and Sephora Boucenna (Form@Nam).