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Executive Master in Certification of Critical Embedded Software (CEES)

This Executive Master trains experts in Certification Standards (DO-178C, EN-50126, IEC-61508, etc.) for the design, deployment and maintenance of critical, embedded software that compose Cyber-Physical Systems (in aeronautics, space, railway, automotive, medical, nuclear, etc. systems).

After completing this Program, the student will be able to:

  • gain a general understanding of the rigorous process required for certifiable software design processes;
  • gain valuable insight into the constraints required by certification standards for software development, deployment and maintenance;
  • understand the implications of following certification standards in terms of software projects' costs and planning;
  • adevelop a certification-oriented mindset, by understanding the consequences of not considering the certification requirements along the course of a software project;
  • familiarise with the local (i.e. Walloon) industrial practices and solutions adopted in certification projects.

This Program is designed for engineers already employed in relevant sectors, and accomodates their professional constraints.

The Program specifically targets:

  • professionals sent by their company for improving their skills, resulting in a competitive improvement leading to a more competitive market positionning in the company's respective sectors;
  • professionals willing to improve and diversify their skills, either for moving to more stimulating and challenging positions, or for improving their future employability in case of market shifts;
  • unemployed persons with the relevant background who want to integrate the certification software market.

The targeted companies concerns the many industrial sectors where certification regulation already are present (automotive, aeronautics, railway, medical, nuclear, space), or are likely to become mandatory (e.g., drones, autonomous diagnostics and driving, etc.)


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